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Patient Success Stories

Rawal Sanjay, 24 male
Mumbai, INDIA

"To hear that it was a painless procedure with only one day of recovery sounded amazing.

I had on & off pain since last 6 months in my left testicles and then I saw some prominent veins. I visited my urologist who recommended a surgery as the treatment option but I didn’t want any scar in my genital area. I visited another general surgeon; he also suggested the same surgery. One day I was just browsing internet & found...

Mr. Raman, 32 male
New Delhi, INDIA

"We knew we were in good hands and our son is proof of that."

When my wife was not conceiving, I was referred to an urologist. A few tests and an ultrasound determined that I had varicocele, which had lowered my sperm count.
I was surfing the internet and I found well known New Delhi based an interventional radiologist, Dr. Pradeep Muley, MD, who performed varicocele embolization which fully repaired my [left and right] varicoceles...

Rajkumar 37 male
New Delhi, India

"Painless procedure with only one day of recovery felt like a dream treatment compared to the pain and long recovery I had gone through with the open surgery before.

I had two separate and painful surgeries to repair my varicocele 17 years ago. My wife and I thought that this problem would be gone permanently, but when the condition reappeared four years ago with pain in my left testicles and prominent veins...

Which is best treatment option